Kirsi ja Keio Eerikäisen Taidesäätiö

Kirsi and Keio Eerikäinen Art Foundation

Kirsi and Keio Eerikäinen Art  Foundation was established in 2006. The aim of this
foundation is to work for the benefit of finnish art and art history research,
specialising in the art of Reidar Särestöniemi. The foundation maintains and expands it's
art collection, places works of art from the collection on public display, gives
individual pieces to be seen at galleries in Finland and abroad, and supports finnish art

Managing director Keio Eerikäinen's love for art was sparked at a young age. Becoming a
full-time artist was surpassed by a business career in the family company, which he
focused on leading and developing. Even so his interest towards art continued through the
decades. In time Eerikäinen became an enthusiastic art collector and accumulated a vast
collection of artwork by Reidar Särestöniemi. Keio Eerikäinen painted in his spare time
and by doing this had the opportunity to pursue his love for art. In his last will
Eerikäinen ordered the Kirsi and Keio Eerikäinen Art Foundation to be established.


Kirsi ja Keio Eerikäisen Taidesäätiö
P.O. Box 37
FI-02771  ESPOO